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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Home Cooked Dinner @ O Cafe, Canning Garden, Ipoh

I have heard and even read about this place that serves home cooked meals in Canning Garden but I have not been there even once. Recently, a friend mentioned it again and suggested that we should go there for our next fellowship meeting. According to my friend and what I have read, this place is famous for its confinement dishes e.g. chicken in rice wine and pork trotter in rice vinegar. These two dishes always seem to get my attention every time without fail.

So last Saturday evening, we decided to go to this place which is called O Cafe.  I have passed by this place a few times and I have no idea that it is a cafe! The reason is that it is like any ordinary single-storey house and there is no significant signboard showing that it is a cafe.  The only thing to look out for is a big figure 2.

The place is very homely and when we were seated, we were given the menu to choose our food. We ordered the following dishes.
Chicken rice wine - chicken cooked with crunchy wood ear fungus, coarsely pounded ginger and rice wine. This dish is really delicious and I finished off every drop of the soup.

Braised Pork Belly with salted fish, very appetizing with rice.

I have forgotten the name of this Minced Pork dish.

A plate of veggie.

3 plates of Healthy rice (small portion).
Total cost of dinner for 3 people MYR 45.60
(incl. 3 glasses of plain water)

Photo of wall on my right.

Photo taken from where we were seated.

Matches framed up on the wall facing me.
Address: O Cafe, No. 2, Jalan Raja Kam, Taman Canning, Ipoh.

Many curry favour with a ruler,
and everyone is the friend of a man who gives gifts.
(Proverbs 19:6, New International Version-NIV)


  1. Bookmark this place, i go Ipoh, you bring me go there, boleh, wink wink...

  2. Looks like a nice place.

  3. the framed matchbooks are a neat idea!

  4. Wonder, Nancy! Homecooked dinners are the best. :)

    1. The place very homely and the food just like home cooked.

  5. Chicken rice wine is my favourite! Price is ok too at this place.

  6. I love the orange and pink colors. I guess both the building and the food are just like home!

  7. So this place is actually a house converted into a cafe. It looks quite cosy. Nancy, at first when I saw "home cooked" I thought you were featuring your own cooking hee..hee...

    1. ha ha Phong Hong, its because this place serves home cooked food...a very cosy place.

  8. lovely pics!! kisses!!

  9. I had the chicken wine there and my heart couldn't stop pumping even after I got home. Had to wait for another hour before I was my real self again :)

    1. I think its the effect of the wine working in your body causing the heart to pump faster. My friend after taking a few spoonful of the soup can feel her face hot and flushed. Well for me, its normal. Possibly I used to wine.


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