Friday 4 March 2016

Marriage Vow Renewal & Graduation Celebration Event.

Just after the Chinese New Year celebration, my friends and I received a "2 in 1 invitation" card. One of the event was to be a marriage vow renewal ceremony and a graduation celebration. The marriage vow renewal ceremony was for a very close friend and ex-classmates of ours. The  couple has been married for 30 years and their children wanted to celebrate their parents' 30 years of marriage. They have suffered through hard times in the early years of their marriage and through it all, their marriage has stood the test of trials and now they are enjoying the reward of their labour. Their children are all are happily married, except the youngest daughter and they have come together with this idea of hosting their parent's marriage vow renewal event.

The graduation celebration event was for their youngest daughter who has just returned from overseas after finishing her studies.

Invitation cards were sent out to selected close relatives and friends who have stood by them and seen them through their difficult times in one way or the other. It was also an opportunity for the parents and children to show appreciation to those who have been of great help to them in their time of need.

The dual event celebration was held at a hotel's poolside in the evening with seafood buffet and barbecue dinner. Close friends of the couple were requested to follow a dress code which we willingly obliged. The dresses were ordered online through Dressfashion. We can depend on the younger generation to come out with such great theme and planning of a great event like this.

This was our first time attending a marriage vow renewal ceremony of a close friend and we were all very excited and happy for the couple. The Short Prom Dresses selection was just right for the younger generation and looking at these beautiful maidens reminded us of our younger days. It was a very successful and beautiful event.

The eldest uncle officiated the ceremony and it was a very touching and meaningful event to witness. The memory of this event will stay with us for a long, long time. The event ended late but we were too excited to sleep that night.

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