Thursday 1 June 2017

I Like Pink Dresses

Yesterday and today are rehearsal days in preparation for the International Firefighters Day which falls on the 4th May. The main roads leading to town will be closed for three days starting yesterday from early morning till midday.

With the roads closed for three days, most of our errands in town are put on hold. We can go after the roads are re-opened in the afternoon but then it will be too hot. And we want to avoid being caught in a thunderstorm which is quite frequent these days. It is safer to stay indoors as the wind these days can be so strong and there are many incidents of big trees being uprooted.
So how do I pass my time staying indoors these days? Besides the normal housework, reading, etc. I will sit in front of my computer. Recently, a friend recommended me an online dresses website. According to her, Suzhou Dress sells good quality dresses with reasonable prices. Sometimes, we can even get good discounts!
Having ample time, I clicked on the website to take a look on the dresses. Sometimes, it is when we are not actually searching for a dress or meaning to buy one, we will get to see something that we like. Well, did I see anything that I like? Oh yes, there are a few that caught my eyes. I have chosen two pink dresses which I fancy wearing for a special function. I have just realized that both my choices are in pink!
Then I went on to click on the homecoming dresses 2017 and there again I am attracted to these pink dresses. Ha ha pink again! Looks like my favourite colour these days is soft pink. I think pink makes the wearer looks bright and cheery!

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