Friday 20 October 2017

Delicious Chicken Chops At Tea Place & Tofu Fa In Bercham.

Recently, a friend from Bercham recommended a nice place to us. If you are looking for a simple yet delicious chicken chop meal, etc. this is the right place to go to.  Together with 2  young people we went to check out the place and we ordered the value set meals. We liked the food very much and a few days later,  we were there again with our friends. It is worth going back there for their value set meals.
Chicken chop with mushroom sauce.
The chicken meat was not overcooked nor dry, very tender.
The chicken dish is served with French fries, coleslaw and salad.
Chicken chop with black pepper sauce.
Chicken Maryland - instead of coleslaw, there is sweet corn. You can request for chili sauce or mayonnaise or ask for the mushroom or black pepper sauce.

A bowl of thick, creamy soup of the day.
This was the mushroom soup with a sprinkling of dried herbs.
All value set meals consist of the main dish, a bowl of cream soup and a glass of hot or cold drink.
The value meal costs MYR 10.90 per set.
There are other value sets beside these three shown here.
We have yet to try these cold desserts on shaved ice.
If you don't want the value set, there are others to choose from.
Picture menu.
Inside Tea Place.
Decorations on the wall.
Shop front of Tea Place.
42A-1, Jalan Bercham Bistari 1, Medan Bercham Bistari, Ipoh.
(It is opposite the Bercham Tesco Extra)
After dinner, we get to enjoy delicious Tofu Fa in Bercham.
It is silky smooth served with fragrant ginger syrup.
We were here at about 8.30 pm.
We were the last few customers before they packed up.
You can find this stall next to the 7-Eleven convenience stall at Persiaran Bercham Selatan 1.
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  1. I like the chicken chop with mushroom sauce, pls bring me there...

  2. Hola Nancy, veo el plato muy limpio y eso quiere decir que la comida no solo tenía buen aspecto si no que estaba muy rica, el queso también se ve delicioso. Bonitas fotos. Besos.

  3. I love that chicken chop with mushroom sauce!

  4. Missing the TauFoo Fa.. yes, silky and smooth!

  5. ...the signs are filled with good advise.

  6. It looks like a lovely evening all around, even the skies cooperated and were pretty.

  7. Hello, I like the signs. Great messages. The sky images are beautiful too.
    Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend.

  8. Gosto muito destes pequenos restaurantes.
    Um abraço.
    Autografos Futebol

  9. I'm beginning to love tofu now more than ever.

  10. Some of this food looks quite American. The first picture looks SO delicious!!! Gorgeous sky shots!!! Is that a stripped roof? So colorful!

  11. Love the look of the chicken chop, particularly the mushroom sauce.

  12. Chicken chop and tofu Fa please! That looks so cheap, cause that's worth Php 60 here in the philippines!

  13. omg the chicken looks delecious!

    Maybe you’d like to see my new post: White with sea pastels

    Don’t forget to follow me on Google Plus

    Much Love
    Fictitious Fashion

  14. The chicken chops look divine, Nancy, and the creamy soup looks so good as well. Beautiful views, too!

  15. I would like to try some tofu fa. Beautiful sky shots!!

  16. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  17. Great photos but I love the forgive quickly sign the best. Have a great weekend, Diane

  18. I like a cream soups so i think is very good position for me.

  19. Like the fries with the sauce. hm.


  20. I love the mushroom sauce chicken chop and the Tofu Fa

  21. La comida se ve muy buena. Besos.

  22. Does the Chicken Maryland come with a piece of fried banana? I always order this at The Ship for really that banana hehe. Never had this anywhere else.

    1. Too bad no banana. Yes, I remember ordering Chicken Maryland and it came with a banana....

  23. Eh, I missed out this post. I do not quite like chicken chop so I will go for the fish and chips in the menu or grilled lamb shoulder if the lamb is tender.

    1. I like fish and chips too but we found out that they use dory fish. I have yet to try the grilled lamb shoulder.


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