Monday 30 October 2017

Lunch With Golden Girls At L's Fusion Cafe, Ipoh.

For the month of September, the Golden Girls had a lunch outing on a Thursday and it was a day after the Deepavali celebration. We had planned to eat at one cafe but we reached the place about 45 minutes earlier than their opening time which was 12 pm. We then drove further down the road to another cafe which opens at 11 am. It is the "L's Fusion Cafe" which is located at 117, Lengkok Desa Rishah 1, Desa Rishah, Ipoh.
 We were the first customers.
 Nice decorations inside the cafe.
This wall clock showed that we were here before 11.40 am.
Cafe opening hours - 11 am to 9 pm, Off on Wednesday.
*     *     *     *     *
The following were what the 4 Golden Girls ordered.
Orange + Apple juice @ MYR 5.90 x 2
Hot Honey Lemon Tea @ MYR 4.90
Affogato (coffee based dessert) @ MYR 7.90
Signature Caesar Salad @ 16.90 
 Korean Stir Fried Glass Noodle with pork @ MYR 11.90 
 Aglio Olio with bacon @ MYR 14.90
 Fried Udon with pork @ MYR 9.90
 Signature Nasi Lemak @ MYR 12.90
Korean Fried Dumplings @ MYR 9.90 
 1 piece of these Signature Cheesecake @ MYR 6.90
Tiramisu cake was not available so we opted to try these Japanese Mochi @ MYR 5.90
 Colourful mochi with different fillings.
We still prefer our local mochi which is so much softer.
Overall, the food is good and is worth making a return trip.
Total cost of lunch for 5 Golden Girls = MYR 113.80
Black and white washroom banner.
 Decorations on the shelf.
Thanks girls for a wonderful foodie outing and fellowship.

Always give thanks for everything to our God and
Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
(Ephesians 5:20, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. I love those mochi! Have a great week, Nancy.

  2. i envy your diversity of food selections Nancy :)

    what delightful food you had with your friends!

    How serne to be early customers

  3. I like honey lemon tea, usually had cold one, have not try the hot one before...

  4. A very nice catch-up and lunch you ladies had. The mochi looked good.

    Hmm. Everything looked good I dont know which one to eat. Haha. Good that everyone ordered different dish and everyone gets to try a bit of this and that.

  5. ... Japanese Mochi is popular in Maui.

  6. A lovely place, i'm glad you and your friends had such a nice time!

  7. The food and the decor looked amazing. Always nice to catch up with friends.

  8. Love the food and the decorations, great photos. Take care Diane

  9. Very beautiful decorations inside!!

  10. I'm glad your alternate place was good. The food looks good except for the salad. It's floating in dressing. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day, Nancy. ☺

  11. Most important is the fellowship and bonding!

  12. This place looks fabulous! All the food is beautiful and yummy looking. I love the birdhouse shaped shelves on the wall, the pretty jar that the drink is in, and the beautiful desserts.

  13. Wow! The pics are amazing. Everything looks so beautiful. :)

    Shoot for the stars

  14. A very nice restaurant, serving tasty looking food!

  15. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  16. My goodness, that food looks delicious. You always share the yummiest looking food and very nice restaurants. Thank you Nancy.

  17. I like the nasi lemak, but prefer white rice.

    It is wonderful to have a foodie fellowship, good food, great company

    It is good to have hot drink, nowadays I am trying to avoid cold drinks too for good health

  18. Hello, the girls lunch outing sounds like fun. The food looks delicious. It is nice to try new restaurants. Enjoy your day and the week ahead. BTW, thanks for commenting on my post.

  19. Cheesecake sounds good right about now.

  20. Oh goodness that Caesar salad is drowning in dressing. One thing I have to always remember here is to ask for the dressing on the side. Let's just say that Malaysian chefs tend to be very generous in their offerings. ;-)

  21. I'm drooling over that salad. Yumm!!!

  22. First time seeing Nasi Lemak served with blue rice! The noodle dishes look good but I'm a bit put off by the amount of dressing on the salad.

  23. They recently started selling mochi here in oregon and I love it.

  24. The food looks amazing, Nancy! Am loving the ambiance too. Nothing like catching up with old friends. xx

  25. Me alegra que pasaras un día agradable. Besitos.


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