Wednesday 17 December 2014


Christmas Day is just round the corner and for those of us who are celebrating Christmas, cleaning up the house is a must. The next important thing to do is shopping. One item which is usually included in our shopping list is the deep-fried crunchy snacks/kacang puteh of different varieties. It is especially so if we are having an "open-house" when we invite our friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbours over to our house on the festive day. These crunchy snacks/kacang puteh are very popular and much sought after by all ages, at any time of the year.
Every festive season, be it Hari Raya Puasa, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas, etc. there will be a big crowd of people making a beeline to buy these snacks, to take them home when they go back to their hometown. Even in normal days, there will be people going into these shops and coming out with big plastic bags of these crunchy snacks/kacang puteh.

I used to be a crazy fan of these crunchy snacks. When I was working I will be munching these snacks after my lunch. There will always be some of these snacks in containers in my home or in my office drawer. I love to munch on these snacks while watching television or reading a book. In fact, my whole family love these crunchy snacks. Well, those were the days, now we have cut down eating these snacks for health reasons because these are deep-fried.

My friend and his family will be visiting us during the Christmas season, and he has requested us to help him buy some of these crunchy snacks. There was one incident when we went to buy these snack very near to the festive day to find that most of the popular snacks were sold out. So to avoid disappointment, we will have to buy them earlier and not wait till the last minute.

Kampung (village) Kacang Puteh has its origin in Gunung Cheroh (Cheroh hill), Ipoh where these people lived at the foot of Gunung Cheroh.  After the rock tragedy over forty years ago where more than forty people were buried under the massive rock, those who have escaped death were relocated to the current Kampung Kacang Puteh.

The boss of this shop willingly gave me permission to take these photos. This is my regular shop because I find the snacks fresh and crunchy. So feast your eyes on these tempting, mouth-watering, crunchy snacks.
Scooping up the dough...
Placing the dough into the machine before going into the boiling oil.

This machine separates the dough into smaller pieces.

Deep frying the crunchy snacks in boiling oil

The deep fried snacks being lifted from the oil with a giant sieve.

Different varieties for sale.

have your pick....

You can choose - big or small packets

1 kilo or half kilo packs.

 crispy potato chips - once you start, you can't stop.

 all in one - a little of every item.
plain or spicy to suit your taste
some for the sweet tooth
these hard crunchy ones - hot seller
beware, those with dentures ...
if you still want to eat these hard crunchy ones,
you can put it into your mouth, let it soften, then only bite.
These are for separate packing according to customer's request.
This is the new entrance after renovation.
Blue slippers are provided for customers entering the shop.
Clear directions are given for those who are new to this place.
Opens 7 days a week, from 9 am - 9 pm.

He who works his land will have abundant food,
but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment.
(Proverbs 12:11, NIV)


  1. 我喜欢吃这些,不过现在如果经过,控制买,不然会吃不停,嘻嘻。。。

    1. Sharon, I too love to munch on these addictive snacks but have to really restrain myself...ohhh sometimes it is a real struggle

  2. Auuuwwhhh!!!! Nancy! I would go crazy if I went into this shop. I want to buy every available type of snacks and crunchies. I love it! But this is so not good for my waistline hah..hah...

    1. We will make a good pair...that is what I go through every time I step into this shop. Somehow no matter how hard, I ended up buying the smallest packet. I just can't leave the shop empty handed.

  3. There is really a village called kampung kacang puteh! So many types of snacks sold there. So nice!

    1. Kampung kacang puteh is full of shops selling these snacks...more and more variety added.. plenty to choose from

  4. So many things here, Nancy! Nice displays. :)

  5. I wish I could taste some!! You are lucky to get them fresh made! Here we have to buy bags of crunchies at the grocery store.

    1. There is a great difference in the texture and the taste between the fresh and those prepacked ones

  6. Oh my, how I love all those kacang puteh & the snacks. Very addictive. Once starting munching hard to get off.

    1. That's is my problem, just cannot stop munching once i started. Now I have to watch my cholesterol level.

  7. Hi Nancy,

    I missed munching kacang puteh... Use to buy cones of them from kacang puteh carts and now I don't see them anymore *sign*

    This place that you recommend is very interesting!


    1. Yes Zoe, I can remember those days. Now they are no longer wrap in cones but in plastic.


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