Sunday 7 December 2014


This particular Saturday morning I went to support a special event "Bless To Be Blessed" held in a church compound with my presence and in my own small way. Praise our God Almighty, the weather was fine and not too hot. This event started at 10 am but the volunteers and helpers have to be there as early as 8.30 am to set up the stalls and to get things ready before the crowd comes in. It was something like a food fair and there were stalls selling coupons.

By the time I arrived around 10.30 am, there was quite a crowd and one hot item "assam laksa" which is one of my favourite, has been sold out. First thing I did was to go round the stalls to check out all the items on sale.
This is the first stall on my round. A young lady approached me to hand a white ribbon to me, explaining that to support this cause, "16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence", I only need to stick this white ribbon on my blouse.
The 16 days of Activism Against Gender Violence is an international campaign that started on 25 November and will end on the 10 December.

The items on sale, prices ranging from RM1 to RM3.
Items are from top left going clockwise.....
  • Fish balls,
  • Fish balls, sotong balls, etc. served with cili sauce.
  • Chicken satay with satay sauce (BBQ chicken).
  • Vegetarian fried beehoon.
  • Vegetarian fried mix vegetables.

  • Kacang puteh (fried crunchy snacks).
  • Asam laksa noodle.
  • Snacks.
  • Herbal eggs.

  • Nyonya kuih.
  • Soft toys.
  • Jumble stall.
  • Different types of Nyonya kuih.

  • Spring rolls.
  • Puffs and Pies.
  • Handcrafts.
  • Handcrafts.
All glory to God for the teamwork in running this event. There is a joint effort and participation of the young and the adults to make this event a success and for a good cause.

I bought some food, met up some old friends, chat awhile and it is time to return home to catch up with my housework.

In everything I (Paul) did,
I(Paul) showed you that by this kind of hard work
we must help the weak,
remembering the words the LORD JESUS Himself said:
"It is more blessed to give than to receive."
(Acts 20:35, New International Version-NIV)


  1. Good cause, lovely display of items and I love the Gingham tablecloth!

    1. The Gingham tablecloths are very attractive and there are plenty to choose from.

  2. Is this an annual event? Our Church used to have this event annually & all poceeds would go to charity. Love the varieties of food, nyonya kuih & handcrafts.Looks good.

    1. I do not think this is an annual event. Once in a while they will hold one for a special cause.

  3. Especially in the midst of it, a chance of coming together for good fellowship, good food and good cause.

  4. Supporting a good cause is always time well spent.

  5. This is a good thing, and it all looks lovely and yummy. So what did you get?

  6. Hi Ginny, I didn't buy any handcrafts but didn't buy some food and snacks....

  7. It is always good to support a good cause. God bless you, Nancy! And wow, lots of nice food on sale :)

    1. Phong Hong, God bless you too. Have a good day.


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