Tuesday 12 December 2017

Choose Hair Extension To Blend With Your Own Hair

For those who are regular users of hair extensions, they would have by now familiarized themselves with the different types of hair extensions available in the marketplace. They would have learned from friends or through their own trial and error as they work with the different types of hair hair extensions or weaves.

You will have to find out which works best for you especially if you are a beginner. You can start by checking with friends who are experienced users of hair extensions or weaves. If you have none, you can always go online to do some research and read about what the experts have to say. It is better to arm yourself with some knowledge so that you will know what questions to ask, what to look for or in deciding what to buy.

First, there are synthetic hair and natural human hair extensions obtained from various nations. These hair are of different textures, colours and length. These hair are sold as hair bundles, lace frontal closure, lace wigs, bundles and closure, hair extensions, etc.

Hair Bundles are virgin hair which are unprocessed human hair. They do not tangle and shed easily. They can be used more than once and can be coloured and shampooed. They are more costly but they can be used for more than a year with proper care and maintenance. Hair bundles are graded and the higher the grading, the higher the quality and cost. Hair bundles are measured by weight, the longer the hair the more bundles are needed to make it fuller.
Lace frontal closures are popular among women who are keen on hair styling and hair fashion. Always choose something that will result in a natural appearance. Lace frontal closure can be installed by bonding or with clips. Usually a lace frontal closure is sewed down the back of the frontal and a bonding agent is used to glue the front hairline down. The rest of the weave is then installed around the frontal. Or the lace frontal closure can be fully clipped in or full sewn in with the weave installed around the lace frontal. In this case, some of the wearer’s hairline could be left out, and the lace frontal closure installed just behind the wearer’s hairline. For the step by step installation of lace frontal closure, you can watch some of the videos on youtube.
When choosing hair extensions, there are loose wave weave, straight hair, body wave, deep wave, and many others. The loose wave weave has a tighter and smaller wavy pattern and is popular among today’s fashionable women. Always choose the hair texture and feature to blend well with your own natural hair for a more natural look.

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