Friday 29 December 2017

Choosing Between Lace Closure And Lace Frontal

When someone makes mention about pack hair, it means that the hair is processed hair with the hair cuticles stripped off during processing. They are cheap and of poor quality and are usually bought from beauty supply store and the hair could only be used once. The hair is not virgin hair and it can easily gets tangled. The hair shed easily, cannot be dyed nor shampooed. The hair is collected primarily from poor countries. These hair are sometimes mixed with nylon threads and animal hair. 

Hair bundles are hair extensions that are of purely virgin quality. The hair cuticles remain intact and with all the hair strands flowing in one direction. The virgin hair does not gets tangled easily and they last longer. They do not shed, can be coloured and washed frequently. The hair bundles are directly ordered from the hair supplier and are not bought from any beauty store which sells the hair in packs. The hair bundles are divided into grades, the bigger the number the better the grade and more expensive.

The most common hair extension choices are the lace closure and the lace frontal. These two give a natural hairline look. A lace closure is much smaller than a frontal. The lace closure is sewn into place while the lace frontal is generally meant to be bonded in place. Both the lace closure and lace frontal can be placed either in front or behind the natural hairline, but the lace frontal since it is bonded, is usually placed in front of the hairline.

Both the lace closure and lace frontal are made with lace or silk. The lace based closure and frontal have a much natural or accurate resembling of the wearer's scalp. The lace closure covers a small portion of the front of the install and it is not possible to have pulled back hairstyles without exposing the tracks. The lace frontal covers the entire hairline and allows more styling options than a lace closure.
A lace frontal will be more suitable to those who likes pulled back hairstyles. A lace closure will do just fine if you just want to get a natural looking scalp. Lace frontals are available in different styles, hair types, and colours. It is a thin, transparent piece of lace mesh around the hairline, attached to a wig made from human hair or synthetic hair.

A lace frontal is usually used to cover the loss of hair along the hairline. It has a coverage area from ear to ear and is designed to mimic the wearer's natural hairline.
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