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Monday, 4 December 2017

Buffet Dinner & White Christmas Decorations At Parkson Ipoh Parade

Someone saw and shared a poster through Whatsapp and it got us interested. It said that Weil Hotel will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary on the 3rd of December.
There will be a Food Festival and guests can enjoy a 50% discount for all dining outlets. Plus, we seniors get to enjoy a special rate too. MYR 29 for a normal adult and MYR 24 for a senior adult. We made reservation for 9 people. 
 Here we were, seated. Sorry, no food photos for this post because where I was seated, the lighting was too dim to take photos.
 We were among the earlier guests. The chefs were kept busy cooking to replenish the fast disappearing food. Surprisingly, I enjoyed tasting the different types of cakes and sweet desserts.
*     *     *     *     *
After dinner, we walked over to Parkson Parade which is just beside Weil Hotel.
 White Christmas decorations at Parkson Parade.
 People were taking we-fies...
 ....and selfies...
 They even put up a big igloo.
 There are also white polar bears and Christmas trees.
 The bears look very lifelike from afar.
 A big Polar bear wearing a Santa Claus cap.
 Kids taking a peek into the igloo.
 Someone is trying to make friends with the polar bear.
 .... more we-fies....
 Polar bear playing Santa Claus.
 Little boy not afraid of polar bear.
 Brave boy even putting his hand into the bear's mouth!
 This is my first post on Christmas decorations for this year.
Ipoh Parkson Parade did a great job putting up these Christmas decorations.
We found another Christmas tree decoration in Parkson Parade.
Project 141
On a closer look, this Christmas trees is decorated with coloured plastic bags.
Go Green by Leo Clubs.
A glittering reindeer.

The Lord their God will save his people in that day,
as a Shepherd caring for his sheep.
They shall shine in his land as glittering jewels in a crown.
How wonderful and beautiful all shall be!
The abundance of grain and grapes will
make the young men and girls flourish;
they will be radiant with health and happiness.
(Zechariah 9:16-17, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. Nice white Christmas decorations!

  2. Muy lindas decoraciones. Buen día.

  3. Preciosa decoración Nancy. Las fotos son espectaculares. Muchas gracias por compartir. Besos.

  4. Fantastic decorations :)
    I'm following you.

    My Tester Food

  5. ...quite the festive display!

  6. That would be fun to visit, thanks for taking us along!

  7. Wahhh. dint know parkson now is so beautiful.. must go!

    1. Thank you, Claire. I am glad that I was there to see the decorations.

  8. Hello, I love all the beautiful Christmas decorations. Pretty photos.

    Have a happy day and new week!

  9. What a fun thing to do. I would have enjoyed this dinner and all the decorations too.

    Have a fabulous week, Nancy. ♥

  10. I like the igloo and the white christmas theme, got the christmas feel

  11. The decorations are super beautiful!! They even match the rug! I would have stayed for hours taking pictures! How was the food?

    1. Thank you, Ginny. I too love the white Christmas theme.

  12. Beautiful Christmas decorations!

  13. The photo of the pancakes would have me running :-)

    1. Ha ha! They didn't serve any pancakes that evening!

  14. I usually don't like blue for Christmas decorations, but I love these....

    1. Thank you, Rose! I too love white Christmas!

  15. Quite lovely, the deco! I like the igloo :)

    1. Thank you, Phong Hong! I didn't get to peep into the igloo.

  16. The Christmas decor is quite a delight!

    It appears that Thai spammer still hasn't taken a hint.

    1. Thank you, William. They are very persistent!

  17. Looks so cold and wintry! Nice theme.


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