Monday 1 October 2018

Happy To See My Orchids Blooming Again

For the past few days, I have been very busy and I am behind in visiting other blogs. Once I get myself back to my normal schedule, I will be back visiting you. Even my garden has been neglected and the weeds are increasing and growing taller each day. I only managed to keep my plants watered daily and the weeding and tidying will just have to wait.
 Surprisingly, I noticed that my orchids have started to bloom again.
 The flowers of this orchid is very small but they are very pretty.
This time, there are 3 stalks of flowers.
A close up of the small flowers.
I hope it will continue to flower after this.
 This orchid was dormant for many months has also started to bloom
 First, I noticed buds appearing.
 Then the buds turned into these light pink flowers.
 One by one the buds turned to flowers.
 But some of the stems or stalks look skinny.
 I like orchids but am still struggling to look after my orchids.
 I get very encouraged and happy whenever the orchid plants bloomed.
 They may not be in striking colours but they are pretty.
 The small dancing ladies flowers are also a wonderful sight. 
White orchids from my friend's garden.

The Lord will show the nations of the world his justice;
all will praise him.
His righteousness shall be like a budding tree,
or like a garden in early spring,
full of young plants springing up everywhere.
(Isaiah 61:11, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. Well done, I also have the first orchid flowers for ages on one of my plants. I do love orchids. Have a great week Diane

  2. Fantastic! I have never had any luck with orchids.

    1. Thank you, Angie! I too have difficulty with orchids.

  3. The orchids and dancing ladies flowers are lovely. Orchids are our National flowers

  4. I see a succulent there, too. I have heard that Orchids are very hard to grow. Yours are beautiful and abundant!

    1. Thank you, Ginny! Yes, there is a succulent nearby. I too find orchids hard to grow but some said it is easy.

  5. ...a happy bunch of smiling faces.

  6. Your orchids are beautiful. You've such a wonderful green thumb.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Nancy. ♥

  7. You have done really well, the orchids look wonderful. You have a great talent for gardening.

  8. Nancy, your orchids are lovely.
    You have a large collection of these wonderful flowers.
    Have a nice week.

  9. No hay que descuidar su cuidado. Las plantas lo agradecen, ofreciendo sus más bellas flores.


  10. Your orchids look so pretty! Even the pale flowers look very pretty due to its shape.

  11. Your orchids must like the current weather.

    1. Yes, the hot weather must have encouraged them to bloom before the wet weather arrives.

  12. Everything grows well under this weather. Haha

  13. They look so pretty..Back home even we have 2-3 different colors of this beauty...And the flowers stay fresh for a longer period.

  14. Están preciosas, me encantan. Besos.


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