Wednesday 16 September 2020

Staying In Shape With A Shapewear Bodysuit

One of the things I have learned from the current coronavirus pandemic is that it is very easy for me to gain weight and not so easy for me to lose weight. During the first few months of the lockdown or the movement control order, I was preparing 3 main meals for hubby and myself. Before the lockdown, I usually take 2 main meals; that is breakfast and dinner. For lunch, I will take something light such as some biscuits or fruits. Hubby usually goes out to eat whatever he wants to eat.

During the lockdown, most eateries were closed and to stay safe, we ate home cooked meals as far as possible. That was how I ended up cooking lunch and I ended up eating lunch as well. I started to put on weight without realizing it because I was wearing loose housecoat the whole day. When the movement restriction was more relaxed and we could go out to enjoy dine-in at eateries or restaurants, I realized that my clothes were too tight for me. I tried to control my diet but I have very little success. So I have to find an alternative to look good in my slim fitting clothes.

A friend suggested that I should try wearing a bodysuit to hide the bulges under my clothes. So to accommodate my body size, I bought a plus size shapewearbodysuit. I am glad I followed my friend’s suggestion. The bodysuit helps me to look nice without the bulges and in days to come, it helps me trimmed down too. Now I can confidently and comfortably wear slim fitting dresses and pants.

For those who have pear shaped body like me, than buying and wearing 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 waisttrainer thigh trimmer bodysuit will be an added advantage with regular exercise and healthy diet for your weight loss plan. It will enhance sweating and promotes the burning of fat in the waist, abdomen and thigh areas. Not only does the body shaper boosts workout effects, it helps to shape the body too.

There are many brands of bodysuits or body shaper in the market and you can easily check them out by going online. So far, I have tried FeelingGirl bodysuits and I find them comfortable because the materials are soft and breathable. I am quite satisfied because I noticed some weight loss and I am also encouraged in regular exercise and healthy diet to stay trim and healthy. Meanwhile, I am happy to be able to wear the clothes in my wardrobe with the help of the bodysuit.

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