Wednesday 27 October 2021

Clutch Bags For Both Night And Day Use

When I was young, I used to see beautiful and sophisticated women wearing elegant evening gown holding a clutch bag attending a ball or evening function in the movies or television shows. The clutch bag I am referring to is usually a small pretty bag that is beaded, sequined or gem stubbed. That was before but now I know better because I have seen clutches being used in the evening as well as in the day. No wonder the clutch bag has become a very popular piece of women’s wardrobe.

What is a clutch bag? It is a small woman’s handbag that is designed to be gripped or clutched by the hand or carried under the arm. The clutch bags may or may not have detachable straps usually made of fine chains or handles. This small clutch bag or purse is compact and is only able to carry minimal items such as a hand phone, some basic cosmetics, credit cards, house keys, and some cash.

An evening clutch bag is usually made of good quality material, beaded, sequined or ornamented to match a formal evening event. A pouch with a top zipper fastener can also be used as a hand held clutch bag. A clutch bag can have a triangle envelope like flap closure which is usually secured by magnets. Another type of clutch bag has a kiss lock clasp with two round knobs to fasten the bag. A small bag with a wristlet strap that can be looped over the wrist is another type of clutch bag. For other examples, you can visit Baginning website to check out the different types of women’s bag such as handbags, totebags, shoulder bags, backpacks and wallets.

In today’s fashion world, clutch bags are no longer limited for evening occasions. For some of us, we don’t like bulky handbags and prefer a smaller clutch bag with a strap or with wrist loop. A smaller bag is convenient enough to keep the few essential items and can be easily paired with casual wear such as t-shirt and jeans for a casual outing.

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