Tuesday 12 October 2021

Looking Stylish & Trendy In Flat Shoes

We all know that women whether they are tall or short or of average height, they all look confident and sexy when they are wearing high heels. This is an accepted fact concerning women and high heels. When a woman is young and slim, wearing heel high will be of no problem for her especially if she is not wearing the high heels for many hours. It will not be practical if she has to be on her feet for many hours wearing high heels. It will be unbearable and painful for her. Her weight will be focused on the balls of her feet. In the long run, it will affect her posture in a negative way.

When I was young and working, I walked from the bus stop to my office which took about 20 minutes. I was wearing high heels and it did not bothered me. But now, if I were to wear the same high heel, it will be unbearable for me to walk that same distance. As we age, we may have problem with balance when we walk especially when we are wearing high heels. To be on the safe side and for our back posture, it is advisable for us seniors to go for low heels. To avoid ending up with twisted ankle or feet injuries, women’s flatcasual shoes would be practical choice for us.

Flat casual shoes are not necessarily boring and unsightly. Some people has the wrong idea that flat shoes are only for the elderlies. These days, there is a wide variety of women’s flat casual shoes to choose from. In fact, you can get great ideas and tips on how to wear these shoes from shoe fashion magazines or from shoes websites.

For those who are fashion conscious, there are also many trendy and comfortable flat boots available online. You will be surprise at the wide selection of flat boots, consisting of chunky low heeled toe boots, heel boots, mid-calf, knee-high and many others. Comfortable flat boots is a good choice and comfortable for winter.

There is no strict and fast rules on what to wear with your comfortable flat boots. A light coloured dress with long sleeves could be paired with a pair of brown leather or suede ankle boots or high boots. Slim fitting jeans can be paired with dark coloured flat boots. These comfortable footwear can be combined with trendy dresses, shorts, jeans, sweaters, and etc. You can wear these flat boots with practically anything and any place.

For better posture and overall health, it is good to wear comfortable flat shoes or boots. Wearing comfortable flat shoes will avoid abnormal growth of nerve tissue in your foot and also plantar fasciitis. Flat shoes will give you better balance and better stability and you can say goodbye to feet swelling.

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