Thursday 1 January 2015

Breakfast & Lunch @ Older & Wiser Kopitiam, Menglembu, Ipoh

When this place was newly opened for business, we had been there once for lunch on Sunday afternoon after church service. On our second trip there, we found the place closed. Few months later, hearing that the place is again opened for buiness, my hubby and I decided to have our lunch there.
We found a table and while waiting for our orders to be taken, my hubby recognized a couple there. The wife was sitting at the cash counter and the husband was standing at the drinks counter.
It has been many years they have not seen each other and it was indeed a surprise to hear that they are the new owners of this "kopitiam" business.
For lunch, they serve their signature roasted duck, char siew and siew yoke, etc.
Actually, I was not really hungry so I decided to share the rice with my hubby.
The rice was a single portion, but was a big one. Nicely cooked, fluffy rice.
My hubby order a mix of roasted duck and char siew, both to our liking. As we ate, my hubby and friends managed some catching up on old times. Business was good, so conversation was cut short. The next morning we went back for the noodles and "liew" which we were told are from "Tai Shee Keok" in Pasir Pinji.
Now we need not go all the way to Pasir Pinji for this noodle and "liew" when we can have it here. It is so much nearer for us and there is no parking problem.
The new lady boss is so kind to allow her picture taken.
These are all freshly fried behind the noodle counter and there is no long queue.
My hubby's order - fried "liew" and the clear soup noodle. 
One young lady waitress told me that many customers gave the thumbs up for their laksa.
This is my order - fried "liew" and assam laksa noodle. Quite good.
Since it was still early in the morning, my hubby and friends were able to catch up on their good old times again. With all the chatting and laughter going on, I totally forgot to keep records of the prices for both lunch and breakfast items.

A righteous choose their friends carefully,
but the way of the wicked leads them astray.
(Proverbs 12:26, New International Version-NIV)


  1. Indeed nice lunch & breakfast. Looking at the assam laksa makes my saliva dripping. All looks so good.

  2. What a nice surprise for your husband to find out his friends are the owners of this place. Sounds like a good place for tasty food.

  3. The roasted duck dish and rice look really good, and the lady boss looks like a lovely person. Happy New Year to you, Nancy. :)

  4. It all looks wonderful, especially the clear noodle soup. What a wonderful surprise for you!!

    1. Yes, a very wonderful surprise for us and also for them to see us there.

  5. What a nice name - Older and Wiser Kopitiam. It is a small world isn't it that you hubby found his old friend and best surprise is that he and wife owns the place. Everything looks good. I like the crispy deep fried liew :)

    1. It is a small world indeed, alas found his long, lost friends


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