Tuesday 1 November 2022

How To Keep Your Air-Conditioner Running Efficiently

In Malaysia, most homes will have one or more air-conditioner especially in the rooms. When the weather gets hot, we can only sleep comfortably with the air-conditioner running in our room. Air-conditioner is no longer a luxurious item to have in the house. It has become a necessity part of our daily living. Most of the days, there is heavy usage of air cons in most homes. Some homes even air-condition their living room and I have friends who even air-condition their whole house.
Since air-condition is a common item in most homes, it is appropriate to think about aircon service. It is not surprising that most users do not know much about maintaining or servicing of air-conditioners. They will just keep on using until the air-condition starts to blow warm air or breaks down. Only then will they call the service center to look into the problem.

So what should we know about air-conditioner servicing?

The frequency of servicing the air-conditioner will depends on the following factors:

1) The average temperature of the place you are in.

2) How often do you use the air-conditioner? Whether it is daily or nightly, or once or twice a week or only during the hot months.

3) The space of the room.

4) The number of air-conditioner in the room.

5) The horse-power of the air-conditioner.

6) Is your house located in a dusty area?

7) The age of your air-conditioner.

According to most air-conditioner manufacturers e.g. Daikin aircon service center, yearly servicing is recommended at the minimum to keep your air-conditioner on tip top condition to ensure clean, healthy air in the room.

The types of servicing:

1) Cleaning of air filters.

This can be easily done by yourself by removing the air filters. You can vacuum the dust off the filters once every month. You can refer to the manual on how to remove the air filters.

2) Regular cleaning.

3) Chemical cleaning.

For both the regular cleaning and chemical cleaning, you will need the air-conditioner technician to do the job properly. For chemical cleaning, the technician will remove and wash the individual parts with a chemical solution to remove the built up grime.

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