Thursday 17 November 2022

Lunch At 1 One Cafe, Taman Pengkalan Jaya, poh

We had a lunch date with our old friends. Our friend mentioned 1 One Cafe and asked me whether I know the way there. These days, we can just use the Waze app to take us where we want to go. The lunch was fixed on Thursday.

9:35am - The morning after a rainy night.
On our way to 1 One Cafe, we stopped to pick up our friends.
Interior of the cafe occupying a corner shop lot.
Including us, altogether there were 5 tables occupied at that lunch time. A friend later informed me that if the ground floor is filled up, they will open up the 1st floor to accommodate more customers.
The lunch sets are only for certain items as listed in the menu. The 4 of us ordered the set lunches which include a drink, a soup and a scoop of ice cream.
All 4 of us ordered lemon juice: 1 hot + 3 ice lemon juice.
Soup of the day: Thick and creamy mushroom soup. Taste great.
Mushroom pork chop @ RM17.90
Creamy salted egg chicken chop @ RM22.90
Cheesy Hawaiian chicken chop @ RM20.90
Chicken Maryland @ RM20.90
Chicken Maryland taken from a different angle.
We each had a scoop of ice cream: 2 strawberry & 2 mint flavour ice cream.
Total lunch for 4 people = RM113 (incl. 6% service tax).
Thanks to my friend for this lunch treat.
It was a very satisfying and filling lunch.

Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world,
but be a new and different person
with a fresh newness in all you do and think.
They you will learn from your own experience
how his ways will really satisfy you.
(Romans 12:2, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. Your lunch looks delish!

  2. Yes, I had a reunion with my old friends too, from 40 years ago. They came to town and did not have any problem looking for the restaurant - in tomorrow's post in my blog. Love the looks of all you had, the pork chop especially. All nicely done.

  3. Hello Nancy,
    All the dishes look sooo good. Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Hello! Great entry.
    Great photos, a very nice place to eat something, meet, spend a nice time :)
    Greetings from Poland!

  5. ...I've never heard of Chicken Maryland.

  6. hmmm, mushroom-soup! And the chicken(s) look tasty, too!
    Too cold here now for ice cream....

    1. Thank you, Iris. We are having a mixture of warm and cool days.

  7. Spotkanie z przyjaciółmi przy smacznym jedzeniu to naprawdę wspaniała rzecz. Miłego dnia😊

  8. El menú se ve muy bueno. Besos.

  9. I love the blue and green shelf cabinets.

  10. I age some of each dish and then ate all the ice cream.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week, Nancy. ♥

  11. i'm always getting hungry with all your food photos everytime i visit your blog. :D

    INSTAGRAM: @julieann_lozada

  12. Amén. Regine

  13. Mushroom pork chop would suit me nicely.

  14. That was a very nice lunch out with friends.

  15. Rica chuleta, te mando un beso.

  16. Everything looks so tasty! Julia x

  17. Without Waze my world would be very small, since my sense of direction is hopeless!
    Big piece of banana on the chicken maryland.

    1. Thank you, Stacy. Waze has help our moving around and travelling so much better and easier.

  18. Thank you Nancy. Lovely western style meals. Do they have fish and chips on the menu? I love having ice creams as desserts.

    1. Yes, they do have fish and chips on the menu.


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