Tuesday 1 November 2022

Lunch (Hakka Food) At Greenfield Ipoh Town

This was the last Thursday of October, 2022. It was the day for our ladies' lunch. It was our monthly get together with our ex-colleagues. Greenfield (Hakka food) in Ipoh town at 18, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, Ipoh was the chosen venue since none of us have been there before.

We were the early customers, reaching just before 12pm.
We took a table for 5 of us.
The following were the dishes we ordered to suit everyone's taste. We requested S-size for all the dishes because we wanted to taste more varieties.
Yam abacus seeds @ RM28.
Seafood noodle @ RM15.90
Stewed puppy duck @ RM28.
2 plates of bean curd rolls = RM13.80
Steamed 3 types of eggs @ RM16.
Seafood rice @ RM15.90
For drinks we ordered 1 milk tea (RM4.90) + 4 honey lemon (RM19.60)
Lastly, followed by the 3 types of sweet drink (tong sui) as dessert. We couldn't decide what we want, so the server suggested that we order all 3 to share and taste.
Guiling gao + red beans sweet drink (tong sui)
Peach gum, dried longan, white fungus, goji berries, and lastly looks like papaya.
This is by far the best bubur cha cha tong sui or sweet drink.
The sweet drink is RM6.90 x 3 = RM20.70
Total bill for 5 people = RM162.80
Overall it was an enjoyable lunch and looking forward to the next lunch.
Some photos to show you around the place.
Red to the Chinese is an auspicious colour. Red symbolizes good luck, good fortune, and prosperity.
Chinese character in the centre is Blessing.
Snapshot taken from above.
Traditional Chinese ceremonial tea sets especially for weddings.

For it doesn't make any difference at all whether a Christian
has gone through this ceremony (of circumcision) or not.
But it makes a lot of difference whether he is pleasing God
and keeping God's commandments. That is the important thing.
(1 Corinthians 7:19, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. This place is worth going to just for the decor alone. All the red, especially the ceiling, is beautiful.

    1. All the red looks like it is in festive mood e.g. celebrating a wedding or the lunar new year.

  2. Yam Abacus seeds look so special. Nostalgic for me as I am a Hakka too

    1. There are many Hakka dishes that I like and enjoy very much.

  3. Looks lovely inside for sure. The meals look good too.

  4. Kuching a lot of Hakka, Sibu mostly Foochows. Never tried abacus seeds, would love to!

    1. Abacus seeds is one of my favourite Hakka food.

  5. ...Nancy, I love all of the red, they pop. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love all the food and love that tea set. Wow.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Nancy. ♥

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    1. Thank you, Judith. I have 4 goji berry plants growing in pots which are grown from seeds. So far there is no sign of flowers or berries. I used a lot of gojiberries for cooking especially for soups.

  8. that's the nice tradition you have with your ex-colleagues.

  9. Hello Nancy :=)

    Meeting up with your friends every month to share a meal together is really nice. The restaurant is beautifully decorated, and the food looks good. Red was my husband's favourite colour. and we have a lot of red furnishings in my house.
    All the best.

  10. Thank you Nancy. Guiling gao + red beans sweet drink sounds tasty. Is that guiling gao or just grass jelly?

    1. It is suppose to be guiling gao as stated on the menu.

  11. So you tried! hahaha.. quite pricey... ok, next time we go again!

  12. Genial restaurante , se ve muy rica comida.
    Te mando un beso. https://enamoradadelasletras.blogspot.com/

  13. Both the food and the deco look nice indeed.

  14. This looks like a great spot for lunch and the food looks delicious!
    Julia x

  15. Comidas todas interesantes. Besos.

  16. The restaurant is as beautiful as the food.

  17. Quite elegant!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2022/10/i-dont-see-one-of-these-very-often.html


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