Friday 18 November 2022

Turmeric Rice + Chicken Curry, Prawn Noodle & Toast With Butter+Kaya

Looking through the folder on my desktop, I found some nice sunrise photos. They were taken in August this year.

#1 taken at 6:55am, August 2022.
#2 taken at 7:35am, August 2022.
#3 taken at 7:10am, November 2022.
We are now in the midst of the monsoon season bringing lots of rain, even causing flood in certain areas, causing much suffering to the people and damage to properties.
After our morning walk, we drove to Restoran Meng Meng Kee, at  Kawasan Perindustrian Bandar Baru, Menglembu for breakfast.
Hubby ordered turmeric glutinous rice (nasi kunyit) with chicken curry.
I ordered prawn noodle.
A set of toast for sharing.
We requested for the butter and kaya to be served separately.
We will be going out to cast our votes tomorrow (19th Nov, Saturday). Today and tomorrow has been declared public holidays to encourage those eligible to turn up to vote. There was heavy traffic on the highway. The journey from KL to Ipoh took more than 4 hours for those who chose to travel home this morning.
Political parties' flags, posters and banners can be seen at some locations. This round, there is less flags compared to previous general elections. Tomorrow evening, most of us will be staying home, glued to the television or radio or etc. for the GE15 results.

Linking to Skywatch Friday.

But you have given us a banner to rally to;
all who love truth will rally to it;
then you can deliver your beloved people.
Use your strong right arm to rescue us.
(Psalm 60:4-5, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. Beautiful skies. My favorite is the second one.

  2. Oooo....turmeric glutinous rice (nasi kunyit) with chicken curry!!! I just had that the other day but with chicken rendang. Post in my blog coming up in a couple of days!!! I like the look of your noodles too!!!

  3. I want some prawn noodles! Beautiful sky shots, Nancy.

  4. Thank you Nancy. Turmeric Rice + Chicken Curry, Prawn Noodle & Toast With Butter+Kaya sounds delicious and I want to eat a bit of each. So are you all ready to vote tomorrow?

  5. The sky is pretty and the prawn look good.

  6. The sunrise pics are beautiful!

  7. Beautiful sky pics. Sad with the flooding-damage to some, though.
    That chicken curry looks yummy! I´ll end up in 30 minutes with a boring slice of salami bread and a hard boiled egg from Saturday...
    Yes to voting!

  8. Good luck with the elections. The sky shot are beautiful.

  9. ...what a lovely start to your day.

  10. Good luck! Hope your guy wins the election.

  11. The chicken curry looks so good!
    Julia x

  12. Proud of you for voting!!!
    I love the soft colors in the first sky photo.
    Amazing food!! We don't generally have savory food for breakfast too much here but I could get used to it.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. I love that dark, dramatic sky in photo #3. Beautiful!

  14. Ricos fideos te mando un beso.

  15. I like what both of you have. I will go for the rice if I am to choose. Hehe. I like nasi kunyit.

  16. Nancy, it is so nice that citizens there are allowed off to vote. Are your votes counted the same day? Is there a deadline when votes need to be tallied? Just wondering. I take turmeric to avoid pain. Better to have it in the food. LOL! Shrimp and Chicken dishes look really yummy. It is cloudy here. We had warmer weather than usual like 40s and 50s and now in the 20s which it normal. We are both dressing warmer to go to doctor appointments, eating out, etc.

    1. Voting is usually on a Saturday. This time, the nation declared 2 days public holidays for the people to travel back to vote. Usually the results will be out by the early morning of the next day.

  17. I pray that your elections stay peaceful and good people are elected.

  18. Ah was it 4 hours? My colleagues going back to their hometown to vote were planning odd hours like a 6am journey start. I haven't caught up with them yet, tomorrow should be hearing the stories of traffic jams.

  19. I ate amaranth as grain, not as green.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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