Friday 5 March 2021

Hair Extensions To Add Length To Short Hair

For women, having long hair has been the norm since ancient times. The advantage of having long hair is that you can style your hair in whatever fashion e.g. tying your hair in a ponytail, in a bun or anyhow you desired. You can also hold your long hair in place with a band or a clip and there is a wide selection of hair accessories to choose from.

In today’s modern times, women are free to choose to either wear their hair long or short. Even if you have short hair, you can still fashion your hair just like those with long hair. All you have to do is get yourselves some hair extensions for shorthair to add instant length to your hair. Hair extensions are not expensive and they are affordable which makes them the best option for changing your look in a matter of a short time.
If you are considering hair extensions, all you need is to ensure that your hair has enough remaining thickness and length to blend in and to conceal the extension attachments to avoid detection. Pay close attention to length and weight when selecting hair extensions for short hair because adding long and heavy bundles to short hair can strain it. Choose extensions with shoulder length with lower weights to give you the best result.
For a more realistic look, try to choose extensions that match your own hair colour. You can check out the various colours and wide range of hair extensions at any of the hair websites. You will be surprise that even minor shade differences when lengthening your short hair, can make your addition obvious. If you are a first timer with hair extensions, you can get some tips or recommendation from a friend who is familiar with hair extensions or a good hair stylist.
Once you get the hang of using hair extensions, you can start to experiment with different coloured wigs. These days, you can see many celebrities sporting trendy coloured wigs and purplewig seems to be one of the hot selling coloured wigs. Hair extensions with minimum lengths of 3 to 5 inches are recommended for short hair, e.g. micro ring loop, hair weaves and wefts, clip-in, tape-in, stick tip, and keratin hair extensions. The length of your hair and the length of the hair extensions depends on the attachment type and your hair stylist. It is all about your personal preference and budget.

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