Wednesday 7 September 2022

Looking For Prompt And Reliable AirCon Services

We have been having rain on most days for the past two weeks. Whenever there is a downpour, we only need to switch on the fan to sleep comfortably and soundly at night. On days when there is no rain or enough rain to cool down the heat, we will need to put on the air-conditioner in our room to sleep well at night. All I need is a nice cool room to sleep in. I don’t know what I will do on warm nights if I don’t have an aircon in my room. For most of us, air-con has become a necessity and is no longer a luxury item only for the rich.

Imagine a warm and humid night without an aircon and all you have is the fan blowing warm air on you. I for one will be having a miserable sleepless night, turning and tossing on my bed. This actually happened one night when the aircon in my room was blowing warm air. We only found out this problem when we were preparing for bed. There was nothing we could do except to wait till the next morning to call up the aircon service man. Hubby suspected that an aircon radiator repair might be needed and hopefully the service man will be able to repair it.

Fortunately, the service man came once he had finished attending to all his appointment for that day. Besides repairing the aircon radiator, the service man advised hubby to replace the faulty or spoil aircon thermostat which hubby agreed. It is normal for one to wait two to three days before the service man is available.

For those residing in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, you can easily log in to this website: concerning new installation, servicing or repair works. This is also a great place to check and compare charges so that you will get the best for the services rendered. For more information, you can either call 017 332 0897 or email
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