Tuesday 28 December 2021

Shopping For The Lunar New Year

We have just celebrated Christmas and now in a few days’ time, we will be ushering in the New Year 2022. Whatever the New Year may bring, life still has to go on. For the year 2022, we will be celebrating Lunar New Year on the 1st of February. Hopefully, situation will continue to improve and families will be able to celebrate together. Anyway, let us focus on the positive to strengthen us and motivate us to move forward. Let us not be dampen by the pandemic still in our midst.

We still have a month to prepare for the Lunar New Year. I need to do some house cleaning and stocking up of some foodstuffs for the celebration even though it will be a simple one. Of course, I need to do some shopping since we haven’t bought any clothes for ourselves since the pandemic started.

Now with the new virus variant in our midst, it is safer to shop online. For women’s clothing, Ninacloak is a great place to shop for women’s clothing. This time, I am interested in checking out the women’s long sleeve blouses. I have put on some weight during the lockdowns and some of my clothes are a bit tight for me. I need some long sleeve blouses that are suitable for both day and night wear in our kind of weather. I am looking for materials that are light and airy which I can wear for both formal and informal outings.

I am also eyeing some of the women’s long sleeved t-shirts available on this website. The reason I look for long sleeved t-shirts is because the long sleeves will protect me from the hot sun in the day and keep me warm in the cool nights. The designs and colours of the t-shirts are to my preference and style. Simply said, they are more suitable for my age. 

Besides clothing, I am also interested in the casual pants and shorts which are great matches for the blouses and t-shirts. 

This is the best time to make purchases as some of the selected items including shoes and accessories are enjoying discounts up to 70%.

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