Monday 15 July 2019

Short Dresses For A Homecoming Party

A dear friend of ours has gone overseas to work many years ago and he only comes back to his hometown to visit his family members once in two to three years. Whenever he is back, all the close friends will organize a warm homecoming party to welcome him back. Once it was a steamboat or a hot pot party where we gathered for dinner, followed by a karaoke session. Other times, we will organized a dinner at a restaurant where we sit at a round table. 
This year, we received a text message informing us that he will be returning home to celebrate his mother’s birthday. The group decided to hold a homecoming party for our friend and it will be something special. As usual, the first thing we girls think about is that we need a party dress.
 One of the dresses websites we visit regularly is 27dress. The reason we like this website is that it has both the floor length dresses and short dresses for customers to choose from. There is a wide selection of both long and short dresses which are more to our style and taste. In our weather, it is more practical to choose short dresses especially if the party is held in the evening under the open sky.
The girls have checked some of the homecoming dresses online and finally bookmarked some short dresses. As for myself, I have found 3 short dresses which I like but have not decided which one to place my order. 
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