Thursday 11 August 2022

Benefits Of Wearing Body Shaper Or Waist Trainer

For most Asian, there are traditional confinement practices for women following their child birth. These traditional practices were passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation. These practices may vary depending on their beliefs and culture background, and what were practiced by their older women folks. These days most of the practices were guided by the confinement lady who comes in to cook and to look after the new born baby and mother. For most, the confinement period usually will be 30 day to 40 days depending on the requirement.

When I gave birth to my first child, I didn’t have a confinement lady so I was spared most of the traditional confinement practices.  Whereas, most of my friends had to follow strictly all the practices laid out for them by their confinement lady. It could be their mother-in-laws or mothers depending on who is taking care of them.

Abdominal wrap

From what I heard from my friends, one of the practices they had to follow is the abdominal wrap which is a traditional belly binding of their tummies. You can easily look up the abdominal wrap under the waist trainer wholesale online. This abdominal wrap method is the typing of a long strip of cloth around the abdomen during the duration of the confinement period. This method is claimed to ensure strong support to the women’s womb after childbirth. It is good for providing back support during breast feeding of their baby and helps in toning of stretched skin during pregnancy. 

Body shaper
These days, modern women can either choose the abdominal wrap or opt to wear a body shaper which they can easily buy from online wholesale shapewear suppliers. Both products are made from high quality materials and are effective for helping women regain their pre-pregnancy figure.

For normal delivery, the body shaper can be wore daily for a minimum of 12 hours, from day one after delivery. For those with caesarean birth, it is recommended to wait for at least a week before using the body shaper or abdominal wrap. For best effect, this practice is recommended for the duration of the confinement for 30 days or more.  This practice is claimed to prevent sagging or flabby tummy and also to help tighten abdominal muscles and to shrink the uterus back to its original size.

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