Thursday 4 August 2022

Safe Products For Babies & Mothers

Today’s young mothers and babies are blessed with many good things compared to the time when I was a young mother. During my time, young mothers have limited choices when it comes to shopping for their new babies. Products such as feeding bottles, breast pumps, formula containers, pacifiers, teethers, feeding sets and etc. were limited in choice. Even though they were considered to be of good quality at that time but they paled when compared to the products we have now. That was how life was in our days.

Now modern mothers have the privilege to choose the best for their babies. Talking about high quality products, we now have high quality silicone products for mothers and babies. These products will not cause allergies, they are more durable, have smooth surface which are easy to clean especially containers for holding breast milk or baby formula. Products such teethers have to be made from the safest materials for the safety and health of the babies. As mothers, we wouldn’t want to give sub-standard products such as teethers to our babies to be put inside their mouth, sucking or chewing on them.

As babies grow, good quality feeding sets will come in handy for the little toddlers to learn to feed themselves. A feeding set usually consists of a silicone cup, a bowl, a plate, a spoon, a fork, and a bib. These feeding sets come in multiple colours, appearances and designs. These silicone feeding sets are also easy to clean because the surfaces do not absorb oil.

Since these products are made with food-grade material such as wholesale silicone beads, we can rest assured that the products are safe, non-toxic, no strange taste or odour and are friendly to the environment. These products are foldable and do not take up much space and when dropped, it will not break or make any sound. Another plus point is that these products are heat resistant and able to retain the temperature of the food.
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