Thursday 1 September 2016

Beautiful Wedding Dress.

It was raining heavily when I awoke from my sleep this morning. We had a simple breakfast and I did some tidying up in the house. There was no morning walk and no going out to my garden except to sit in front of my computer to read some e-news. A message came through my smart phone from my good friend to remind me that she will be picking me up to attend a church wedding next Saturday.

After I have replied her message, I wanted to resume reading the e-news but was distracted by a wedding dress advertisement. I clicked on the advertisement and it took me to this website. Here, I found a wide range of wedding dress, wedding party dresses and special occasion dresses to meet everyone's need. Even at my age, I still enjoy looking at wedding dresses. Sometimes I even stopped to look at the wedding dresses displayed behind the shop's glass panel.

I think today's brides are so blessed. They enjoy such a wide selection of beautiful wedding dresses and accompanying bridesmaid dresses to choose from. Nowadays, it is so convenient to order wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses online. And for those who desire to have their wedding dresses custom made, they can place their orders with their requirements with some of these websites.

There are many beautiful wedding dresses displayed at 27dress and I am sharing some lovely wedding dresses with laces that I have picked out to share with you before I end this post. The rain has now slowed to a fine drizzle and I can go out to take a look at my plants in the garden and breathe in some fresh air. Have a beautiful day!


  1. Lovely dresses but in poland are very expensive

  2. Lovely dresses but in poland are very expensive

  3. I'm sure you're looking forward to the wedding next Saturday and I hope you take and share some photos. We especially enjoy Italian weddings. The bride takes centre stage wearing a beautiful handmade dress with usually no bridesmaids, only small children carrying the rings on a small cushion for bride and groom. I shall never forget choosing my own wedding dress in the shop after first browsing a catalogue at home all those years ago.

  4. There are some gorgeous dresses there.


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