Saturday 3 December 2016

I Need A New Salt And Pepper Mill.

I remembered years ago, a friend presented me a souvenir she brought back from her oversea tour. It was a salt and pepper mill made of glass and it was filled with black pepper beans. That was the first and the best pepper mill I owned at that time. Before I had this salt and pepper mill, I used to buy off the shelf pepper shaker filled with pepper power from the grocery store or supermarket.

The glass salt and pepper mill has been faithfully serving me in my kitchen all these years. The only setback is that sometimes, when my hands get a bit oily, I find it difficult to grip and twist the pepper mill. Other than that, it has been a very useful item. Glass is see-through and I know when it needs filling up with peppercorns.
Lately, I found that my salt and pepper mill’s grinding components get loosen easily after a few twists and they have to be constantly tightened. I think it is about time for me to get a new salt and pepper mill. Through the internet, I looked up the different types of pepper mills available and I think I have finally found my latest best pepper mill made from bamboo and stainless steel at
The shape of the mill gives a good grip and comes with an easy twisting top. It also comes with 3 adjustable coarseness levels and 2 viewing windows for refilling of peppercorns.


  1. I love mine...and it's true, they just wear out! This one looks perfect, I hope it works as beautifully as it looks!

  2. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  3. Mine also comes loose from time to time but I just keep watch of it. Take care Diane

  4. Were you given this in order to do an ad??!! It reads like an ad! It's a nice find.


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