Wednesday 7 December 2016

Searching For Some Trendy Tops.

By now, I have done most of my spring cleaning of my house and hopefully my house will look nice and neat till after we usher in the New Year 2017. In between my spring cleaning jobs, I have been browsing through fashion websites looking for decent and comfortable clothing to buy. As I have mentioned before, it is the time of the year for shopping by taking advantage of the great festive celebration sales discount and also time to pamper myself with some nice clothing. Since my retirement, I have been trying to be prudent in my spending.

Part of my spring cleaning included going through my wardrobe and picking out those clothing that are no longer suitable for my everyday casual wear. These include clothes that I used to wear to office and most of them were packed to be given away to those who will have better use of them. Now most of what I have in my wardrobe are both long and short pants and T-shirts and blouses. I do have some skirts, blouses and dresses which I keep aside for dinner functions or formal gatherings.

Whenever I check out fashion websites, I will usually look out for trendy tops to pair with my pants or skirts. I much prefer going for light and comfortable tops because our days here are mostly sunny and hot. For cooler days or nights, T-shirts with short sleeves will be nice and comfortable. I came across the above 2 tops from which are more to my taste. I think these trendy tops do look pretty.                                      

If I am still working, some of the blazers online from the same website would be suitable for me. I could still remember when I was still working, my office was very cold because of the air-conditioning and I needed to wear thick blazer to keep myself warm. The above 2 chosen from blazers online will be something convenient to pull over a casual top or T-shirt and make it presentable for a formal setting.

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