Tuesday 6 December 2016

Starting With My Festive Shopping.

Bit by bit, I am doing some spring cleaning around my house and I am now contemplating whether to put up the Christmas tree or not. Putting up the tree with all the decoration is fun but taking it down and putting it away is no fun at all!

Anyway, one thing for sure is I am ready for some festive shopping. Christmas is just a few weeks away and New Year 2017 is just right after Christmas. There will be celebration gatherings and functions to attend. I am not a regular shopper but every time there is a function or festive season, I have excuse to shop and pamper myself.

Let me see, I went online and check out some of the websites that I am familiar with hoping to find something that I like. Some of the websites are now featuring winter wear because in some countries they are going through winter months. I found that the designs for dress coats for winter are now both elegant and trendy. And they can be bright and colourful as well. I used to think that winter wears are boring and drab. But looking at some of these winter wears proved me wrong.

Okay, we do not have winter here but once in a while we do go for overseas holidays during the cold season. For us, we enjoy our holidays in the highlands and it can be quite cold at night. I am now pondering on investing on a poncho or a cape. I like StyleWe’s collection of poncho and capes and I think some of the designs are practical for casual wear. If you are interested, you can find out more at https://twitter.com/stylewe.

Looks like I have got myself distracted by winter wears. I will now have to continue on my search for my festive dresses. 
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