Monday 22 May 2017

Cool Dresses For Hot And Humid Weather

The weather here has switched from cool to hot and humid. Every morning after having watered the plants in my garden, I will take a bath. If I am not going out, I will put on my light and loose housecoat. But if I need to run some errands or meet up with friends, I will have to put on some decent clothing that are made of light material and comfortable for this hot and sweltering weather.

All the lighter and more airy clothing are now brought forward to the front of the wardrobe for my daily wear. I tend to sweat a lot and I prefer to wear sleeveless or short sleeved tops with pants or skirts when I go out. It has been some time since I bought any new tops and those in my wardrobe do look a bit worn out through regular wear. So it is about time to look for some nice and cool women's tops as we are expecting this hot and humid weather to stay for quite awhile.
With the day temperature of 32 - 34 deg C, I rather stay indoors. As far as possible, I will avoid going out in the hot afternoons. I don't know about others, but I feel extra lazy in this kind of weather. The slightest activity makes me sweaty and sticky. So the most convenient way is online shopping, sitting in front of my computer to visit the various dresses websites without having to go out under the hot sun. Among the few dresses websites I have visited, I found that the dresses displayed on FashionMia are more to my taste.
Looking through the wide range of evening dresses, I found the short evening dresses very attractive and more suitable for this hot weather. The light weight materials will be very comfortable to wear. Besides women's tops and evening dresses, you can find pants and skirts to pair with the tops. In this hot weather, many would love to soak in the swimming pool and if you are looking for a beachwear or bikini, there are many designs to choose from. You can either take advantage of the flash sale or have your pick from the new arrivals.

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