Thursday 20 April 2017

Hair Styling With Hair Extensions

One day, I received a call from my niece who is working in the capital city. Her wedding is taking place end of next month in her hometown and she needs a hair stylist. She wanted the hair stylist to give her hair a good trim in preparation for her wedding and also to recommend a suitable hair style to wear for her wedding. She gave me a date to book an appointment with the hair stylist and once fixed, she will apply for leave to return for the appointment.
On the appointed date and time, I introduced her to my hairdresser cum hair stylist. As the hair stylist worked on my niece's hair, she commented that my niece's hair does not have enough volume. She recommended my niece to wear hair extensions in order to add more volume to her natural hair. Hair extension is new to my niece and she was quite worried about the hair extension coming off. She was also worried that wearing hair extension might damage her natural hair. The hair stylist smiled and explained about using the best hair extensions and whatever my niece needed to know to put her mind at rest.
The hair hair stylist then took my niece to the showcase to show her the types of hair extensions available. She then took out some clip in hair extensions to show to my niece. Most of her clients used clip in hair extensions to lengthen their hair or to add volume to their thin hair. They can be easily attached under the natural hair by small snap on clips.
She also mentioned about fusion hair extensions which is quite a popular type of extension because it is natural and can usually last between 3 to 6 months with good care. But in the case of my niece, the hair extensions will only be used for the wedding, the clip in hair extension will be good enough for her. The hair stylist uses  Equeena Hair extensions which are of good quality and are sold at affordable prices.

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