Monday 3 April 2017

Ways To Test For Positive Pregnancy.

Looking back to the days when we just got married, we and our family members were eagerly awaiting for the first baby. Nothing happened for the first few months and then the months turned to a year. It was one year and one month after our marriage that I conceived my first child.

I only came to know about the conception when that month's period was delayed. I had a regular menstruation cycle and a delay is not a normal thing for me. Even in our excitement, we have to wait till about 10 days before I went to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy. At the time of my first pregnancy, I didn't know about the D.I.Y. Check Pregnancy tests that we can buy from the pharmacy and the home made ones.
I first came to know about these D.I.Y. pregnancy tests from online information and even though I no longer need to use these tests, I think it is good for every women to know.

Going to the doctor is the best recommended way to confirm a pregnancy. Some prefer to delay the appointment with the doctor to a later date or for whatever reasons or inconveniences known to the women, 
2. Over the counter pregnancy test. There are many types available at the pharmacies and they come with step by step instructions for the users. There are also home made D.I.Y. pregnancy tests that one can try out but they cannot be totally reliable in accuracy. I find these home made tests very interesting and they are totally new to me.

3. Toothpaste test. You are only to use the plain white toothpaste variety. When urine is added, the toothpaste will turn to light blue or foamy to indicate positive pregnancy.
4. Laundry bleach test. The bleach solution will foams or fizzes when urine is added to show positive pregnancy.

5. Sugar test. When urine is added, the sugar turns clumpy instead of dissolving, to show positive sign of pregnancy.

6. White vinegar test. The vinegar changes colour when urine is added to shows positive pregnancy. These are some of the more common home made pregnancy tests besides others.

I feel that every women that are young and of child-bearing age need to learn when does ovulation occur for them and how it affects their body changes plus the tell tale signs of vaginal discharge. This knowledge will be most important for those who are trying to get pregnant and also for those who are trying to avoid pregnancy. If you are interested, you can go online to get more information.

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