Tuesday 18 May 2021

Keep Your Body Hydrated With A Keepto Water Bottle

My friends and I have this habit of carrying a bottle of drinking water with us wherever we go, especially when we go out for our foodie outings, going to the bank, post office or running of all kinds of errands. I even take along a small bottle of drinking water to church just in case my throat gets dry. It is very handy and convenient whenever I need to take a gulp of water to wet my throat and also to avoid dry and itchy throat. As we all know, we will invite unnecessary stares and fear when we cough during this time of pandemic.

It is important that we are drinking enough water. Most of us are not drinking enough water because we are too busy doing our own things. When our body doesn’t get enough water, we get dehydrated. That is one of the reason why we tend to fall sick easily such as getting sore throat, cough, headache or flu. So, in order to stay healthy, we need to keep our bodies hydrated by drinking enough of water. When our body gets enough of water, we stay fresh, alert and healthy.

Every time I talk about water bottle, one embarrassing incident will come to my mind. After taking a sip of water from the bottle, I placed it back into my bag without realizing that the bottle was not upright but lying on its side. The water leaked out from the bottle and it wet the fabric bag. I was holding the bag closed to my body. After a while, I felt wet and when I checked, I found that a large portion of the left side of my dress was wet. It really spoiled my mood for that day. Fortunately, I was having a casual meeting with some close friends. After that one embarrassing incident, I made sure I use a drinking bottle with leak proof cover.

So, how much water should we drink in a day? For those of us who are not sweating much through active sports, we should be drinking approximately 2 litres (for women) and 3 litres (for men) and this excludes the coffee, tea or soup we take in. One good way to make sure that we are drinking enough water in a day is to use a keepto half gallon water bottle that comes with motivational time marker to help you stay hydrated throughout the day. 

This keepto water bottle is dust and leak proof and can be easily opened with the click of the button. It comes with a silicone straw to enjoy spill-proof sipping. It has a straw brush for easy cleaning and a tough strap for you to carry it around. Most important, the bottle is made from PETG plastic and is 100% BPA and toxic free, odour free and durable.

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