Wednesday 21 October 2020

Scrumptious Dinner At Restoran Loon Sing, Johor Bahru

Once the function at the Forest City Marina Hotel was over, we drove to Restoran Loon Sing in Taman Daya for dinner. This is my first time walking under the sanitizer to be sprayed before entering the restaurant. We were seated 7 to a table in accordance to social distancing SOP.

While waiting for the other guest, we can enjoy the above appetizers.
Seafood in this special pot.
A closer look at the treasures in the pot.
Fried Prawns salad.
Noodle Fuchow style
Vegetarian chicken curry
3 cups chicken
BBQ pork ribs
This appetizing sourish drink accompanying the bbq pork rib was served to each individual. We were trying to identify the ingredients in this drink.
Stir fried baby French beans.
BBQ pork belly served with mantou (steamed plain buns).
Beautiful and flavourful bbq pork belly.
Sweet pancake.
Restoran Loon Sing, Jalan Sagu 21, Taman Daya, Johor Bahru.
Sharing this wall mural for joining today's meme.
Mural painted on a school wall.

Here is my description of a truly happy land where Jehovah is God:
Sons vigorous and tall as growing plants.
Daughters of graceful beauty like the pillars of a palace wall.
Barns full to the brim with crops of every kind.
Sheep by the thousands out in our fields.
Oxen loaded down with produce.
No enemy attacking the walls, but peace everywhere.
No crime in our streets.
Yes, happy are those whose God is Jehovah.
(Psalm 144:12-15, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. A lovely place and such lovely food. I want to come with you.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, Nancy. ♥

  2. What a nice post 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  3. I love the w as y the seafood was served in that special pot.

  4. That's a really great meal..lots of my favourite foods there :-)

  5. ...wonderful presentations.

  6. All the dishes are my favourites!

  7. All the food looks extra delicious today and the mural is beautiful too!

  8. Looks quite a treat, and hope you guys relish! Beautiful mural on the wall

  9. Beautiful food so nicely presented.

  10. My favorite is the beautiful pot hanger.

  11. Cute dishes! Thank you very much for your sharing!

  12. The function, is it a wedding ceremony?
    Wow! A lot of food.

  13. Your posts always made me hungry
    and want to cook for my family.
    All good things right?


  14. Buenos alimentos para compartir con familia y amigos.

    Me gusta mucho el Mural de la últinma foto.


  15. All of the food looks delicious. I am hoping I will soon be able to eat pork again when I say goodbye to my gall bladder on Monday!

    1. Wishing you speedy recovery. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Delicious, delicious, delicious Nancy.

    Cruisin Paul

  17. That food looks so good, it has really stirred up my taste buds. I think I'll have to have an early lunch.

  18. The food looks good and delicious to me. The way the seafood pot is presented makes quite an impression.

  19. Wah good food presented so well. Maybe my only wish would be for more treasures in the seafood treasure pot!

  20. hahaa...both of us have the same post today!

  21. Wow, I miss eating the fuchow style noodle dish ... it's so delicious. After work I will stop by Chinesse Food to order that.

    1. Actually, this is my first time tasting Fuchow style noodle outside of Sitiawan.

  22. Love the presentation of the seafood, spectacular. Take care, Diane

  23. What interesting service and the mural is lovely!

    Many thanks for your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week !!

  24. Lovely photos! Have a nice day!


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