Saturday 9 May 2015

Visit #2 Gopeng Museum, Gopeng, Perak

From the Heritage House, (yesterday's post, please click here) we walked over to the Gopeng Museum which is only a short distance away. The Heritage House close at 3 pm and we were requested to go over to the other museum which close at 5 pm.

This is indeed a bonus trip. Not only do I get to visit the Heritage House, I too get to visit the Gopeng Museum as well.

Front view of Gopeng Museum.
Address is No. 28, Eu Kong Street, 31600 Gopeng.
Opens from Fri to Tue, 9 am to 5 pm. Close for lunch 12 pm to 1 pm.
Close on Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Photos of very old buildings and places of tourist attraction in Gopeng.

Things used or related to tin mining.

Tin ore.

Old fashioned basket.

Preserved elephant foot.

Left pic. - ceramic tea pots & bowls, metal tea pots, etc.
Right pic. - ceramic vase on old-fashioned rattan baby chair.

Antique charcoal irons for ironing clothes.

Antique radios, type-writers, table fan, etc.

Left pic - antique portrait.  Right pic - opium pipe.

Antique telephone.

Old fashioned lamp.

Left pic - antique record player.  Right pic - counting machine or calculator.

Antique wooden weaving machine.

Antique wall decorations.

Left pic - antique bell.
Right pic - old fashioned metal bird cage.

Antique metal bed frame, clothes, etc.

Antique dressing table, sewing machines, hats, etc.

Left pic - old fashioned resting chair.
Right pic - old fashioned wash basin and small mirror.
Antique Chinese writing ink set.... 
Chinese writing ink set.... 
Left pic - Chinese writing set with ink stone, ink brushes, etc.
Right pic - rubber sheet roller machine, etc.
Rubber tapping knives
Betel nut cracker
Left pic - antique camera.  Right pic - forgotten what this is.

Old fashioned lamps.

Hand weighing machines.

Left pic - rubber seeds,  Right pic - rubber latex container.
These are just some of all the items on display.

Books on display & below is a layout plan of interesting places in and near to Gopeng.

Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins
and will raise up the age-old foundations;
You will be called Repairer of broken walls,
Restorer of streets with dwellings.
(Isaiah 58:12, New International Version-NIV)


  1. Hello Nancy, what a neat museum. So many vintage items.. I like the old telephone and the typewriters.. Thanks for sharing your visit.. have a happy weekend!

    1. Hi Eileen, there are many other items, can't place them all in the post.

  2. Interesting museum items on display. Those big camera sure must have been cumbersome to take photos with. We are so spoiled these days as we can take a photo in a split second.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Julia, we are so blessed with our small sized cameras.

  3. A nice visit to the museum with lots of interesting & antique things to see but I was surprised the museum was in a shophouse. What caught my attention is the elephant foot. Guess you have a great time in the musuem.

    1. Irene, I enjoyed the museum visit. So many things to learn.

  4. Wonderful museum:) kiss

  5. lots of great old treasures. i loved the wall screens and the bell!

    1. Thank you, Theresa. Happy weekend to you.

  6. What a fun tour, Nancy, I absolutely love all the vintage items here!

    1. Linda, there are many vintage items and I have taken lots of photos.

  7. Really interesting! So many vintage items!


  8. What a great tour, I particularly loved the record player.

  9. I love everything! Especially the baskets and old irons. And the phone, I have never, ever seen one like it!!!

  10. It is an interesting musem some of stuff I don't remember personally

  11. Interesting visit to museum. I love going to museum. Can see old antiques.

    1. Me too...I enjoy looking at those I haven't seen before and also can identify with those I have seen or used before.

  12. Nancy, it's so nostalgic to see those old time appliances!

    1. Phong Hong, it is very nostalgic and I enjoyed this visit.

  13. Replies
    1. Sharon, plenty of interesting items and information.

  14. I like to walk through antique things and imagine the time when people used them. Each item has the patina of time.


    1. Hi Stardust, every item has its own story!

  15. Very informative museum. Is the elephant foot hollow? It looks hollow in the photo.

    1. Hi Mun, the elephant foot is hollow. Have a good day!

  16. The antique camera is my favourite old item here - thank you for taking us down memory lane, Nancy. :)


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