Thursday 21 May 2020

Does Your Pet Dog Needs Clothing?

We all like to dress up and be seen in nice and smart clothing. It doesn’t matter which gender we belong to. We take the trouble to buy clothes for ourselves and our family members.  We especially enjoy dressing up our children when they were kids. Even before our kids were born, the clothes were bought and kept aside for them. We love to pamper them with new clothes and shoes from when they were babies until they are grown up.
What about our pets? Do we dress up our pets as well? Well, why not? I have seen people in my neighborhood walking their pet dogs and some of these pet dogs have very nice clothing complete with shoes as well. I used to wonder whether the owners sewed those cute dog clothing themselves or were the clothing bought from somewhere.
Generally, dogs have their own natural coat to protect and keep them warm from the cold. So, do dogs really need clothing beside their natural coat? The following are some reasons why dogs need clothing.

~ If your dog has just had a whole body hair cut, it most probably need some clothing to help keep it warm especially in the cold night until its natural coat grows back again.

~ If your pet belongs to the breed with short hairs, then it is possible that they will need dog clothing to keep them warm during the cold season. This is especially true for younger puppies, senior dogs, and also dogs with medical health problem.
~ Not all breeds adapt well to the cold winter months and they may need clothing to protect them from the extreme cold.

~ If you like taking your dog for walks in the cold or wet season, it is advisable to clothe your dog with a warm sweater to keep it warm or a raincoat to protect it from the rain.

It is not advisable to put on clothing for your dog when the weather is warm because it will feel uncomfortable and it may even get overheated.
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