Wednesday 18 March 2015

Memory Lane @ Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village, Taman Saikat, Ipoh

I have mentioned in my previous post that I will be sharing more photos of what I have seen at Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village in Taman Saikat, Ipoh. I have taken many photos and I have picked those that I hope you will find interesting or even identify with the items in the photos that may bring back some nostalgic memory of those good old days.
We came to this archway and we could not understand what is written in Chinese but on the left side we saw the words "memory lane" written in English on a piece of paper pasted there. I remembered I have written a post about walking down memory lane in Ipoh new town. In this post I invite you to come join me in walking up memory lane. Do not worry, the walk up is quite easy but we need to be mindful of the steps leading us up.
We came to this wooden bridge. I was glad that the drain was not deep but a very shallow one, or else my legs will feel like jelly.
We are now on a concrete path, a gradual slope slowly going up. As we slowly walked up this narrow pathway, we get to see many old fashioned items placed on both sides of the pathway.

First item of interest. An old fashioned hawker stall. I used to see these stalls outside my school gate.

I remembered this old carbide lamp. The carbide emits a kind of smell. We used this before we had electricity in our village home.

This is an ice shaver. The metal bowl is to collect the ice shaving. It started as hand operated by turning the wheel but later was operated by electricity. During my school days, while waiting for the school bus behind the school, my friends and I helped the ice stall lady shaved ice. After that, we made our own ice balls with the ice shaving for free. We will wrap all the yummy ingredients inside the ice balls and *slurps*, *slurps*. How we enjoyed sucking on the ice-balls. I wouldn't mind having one ice ball to suck right now, especially in this extremely hot weather.
This is a really old fashioned gas burner with this cute gas container.

Have you seen this wooden ice shaver still in use? I have seen some ice cendol sellers still using this type of ice-shavers. The small pice of wood has nail to grip the block of ice to push over the blade. The ice shavings will be collected in a bowl placed under the shaver.
This is a kerosene oil lamp. We used this before we had electricity.

My uncle used to have one record player that looked like this.

The same uncle also had an old radio that looked something like this.

A pendulum table clock and a small cute television. We did not have the luxury of having a television set until I was about 11 years of age.

This is an old fashioned barber chair. For the little boys, the barber will place a wooden plank over the arm rests and the little boys will sit on the plank to have their hair cut.

I do not know whether I had slept in one like this rocking cradle. During our young days, most of us slept in sarong (cloth) hung from a spring.

Yes, those days we kids loved to ride on this type of rocking horse.

Wall clocks, table clocks and alarm clocks of different shapes and sizes are on display here.

A rubber tapper's bicycle and rubber milk container.

Some of you may not have seen this rubber sheet roller machine. After passing through this machine, the rubber sheets are then dried and smoked in the smoked house.

We used these typewriters before switching to computers.
These are all familiar to the older generation. The television with the indoor aerial and the old furniture.

This refrigerator is real heavy, not like our modern day's refrigerators.

This gramophone sure looks well-kept.
How many can remember using this adding machine before? I wonder if it is still in use. Without the roll of paper and ribbon it will be useless.

Older generation motorbike.

This scene reminded me of my village life. The pail to scoop water from the well. The earthen container to hold water. Washing our clothes with the wooden scrub board and basin and of course the zinc hut toilet at the far end.

That was our walk up memory lane. Now we have to go down this path to our present day life once again.

Remember, O LORD, Your great mercy and love,
for they are from of old.
Remember not the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways;
according to Your love remember me,
for You are good, O LORD.
(Psalm 25:6-7, New International Version-NIV)


  1. Got chance, i wanna visit this place...

  2. Beautiful scenes, Nancy, and I love all the vintage items!!!

  3. pretty path! i love all the old antiques. :)

    1. Hi Tex, all these antiques brought back so many memories in me.

  4. What a walk down memory lane. Did the antiques give out an old smell in the air as well? In my childhood home, there are many kerosene oil lamps lying around.

    1. Hi Mun, the antiques are not in closed up rooms so the old smell was not noticeable.

  5. that old. I have seen those wooden ice shaver being used. There used to be a cendol stall not far from my house . The man use this to shave the ice for cendol

    1. Some were really antiques but some are not that really old like the cendol man's ice shaver. Or was it so practical and useful that the cendol man won't change for a newer ice

  6. What an interesting place! A real feeling for the past.

    1. Hi Amalia, this place has a good collection of interesting items.

  7. What a lovely place.


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