Friday 6 March 2015

Enjoying Chinese Style Rojak @ Restoran Seong Seng, Jelapang

Whenever we want to eat Chinese "Rojak" (a mixture of fruits & vegetable salad), we will think of Jelapang Rojak. I know there are 2 popular places selling rojak in Jelapang. But we prefer the one on the main road. From a roadside stall, the business has now sifted into a shop on the main road. If you are coming from Ipoh, the shop is on the left hand side of the road just before Salvation Old Folks Home which is on the right side. Both of these places are just before reaching Jelapang town.

When I was still working, my colleagues and I would come here if we want a light lunch with easy parking. And sometimes on Sundays, after the Sunday Church service, my group would also come here for a light lunch and fellowship.  My hubby and I would also come here once in a while. This is the place where I buy my favourite rojak sauce.
A plate of Rojak for 2 persons. A bowl of sauce for each person. A generous topping of crushed toasted peanuts and sprinkling of belacan powder.
On this particular day and time, there was no crowd. We can pick and choose our table.
Before you stepped into the shop, on the right is the pancake stall. On your left inside the shop, is the fried noodle stall. And after that is the rojak stall.

The drink stall is further back on the left hand side. They serve ice-kacang, coconut water, lime juice, etc.

The lady boss preparing the rojak. Today's special tong sui is in the aluminium pot.

I like this place because it is clean and comfortable.

A piece of pancake.

I ordered pancake with peanut and corn filling.

The fried noodle is the vegetarian style. You can request to add egg or cockles.

My favourite "mak zuk tong sui" or sweet wheat porridge. I especially like this because boiled together with corn.
If your portion of rojak sauce is not enough, you can always request additional portion from the generous lady boss. I cannot remember the pricing but I know it is reasonable.
Restoran Seong Seng, Jalan Jelapang, Ipoh.

Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly,
and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.
(2 Corinthians 9:6, New International Version-NIV)


  1. I love the pancake! I call this type of rojak - fruits rojak!

  2. I like the blue and green colors. And also that each dish has it's own stall.

  3. Looks like a simple place but with a promising array of good food.

    1. Lux, yes, most important the food is good..

  4. Very nice, Nancy, and it does look clean and comfortable, which is important. Nice presentations and lovely decor. :)

  5. Looks good, Nancy

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  6. Here, the rojak sauce is poured over the rojak...

    1. Some places also pour the sauce over the fruits. I prefer to separate the sauce.

  7. This all looks delish! I especially like the look of the noodles

  8. Fantastic restaurant. The food looks lovely and delicious. The photos are excellent.

    The quote is thought provoking.

    Most of us are satisfied with what we have and we limit our efforts to the barest minimum. We don't stretch ourselves to excel because it involves hard work, persistence, sweat and tears.

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you, Joseph. Yes it is so tempting to just sit back and relax, but then it will cause us to miss out many things in our lives with any stretching.

  9. I like chinese rojak buah. Hey there is one near Atria over here. Have your tried before? Maybe one of these days have chance to tapau for you

    1. No, I haven't tried that one yet....thanking you in nice of you.


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