Saturday 28 March 2015

Assam Fish For Early Dinner At Restoran Sin Hup Kee, Ipoh New Town

Yesterday evening, we had an early dinner because we did not have any lunch. Hubby was thinking of fried noodle and we went to Jalan Leong Sin Nam at Ipoh new town. After parking our car, hubby changed his mind about eating fried noodle. We had parked our car in front of Restoran Sin Hup Kee and hubby decided to eat at this place.

Whenever we eat at Restoran Sin Hup Kee, we will order their signature Assam Fish. Our favourite is Assam Stingray. This evening we were told that there is no stingray so we opted for Assam Black Pomfret.
Assam Black Pomfret with ladies' finger, long beans, tomatoes and tofu puff. Whenever we have assam, I will have very good appetite. Just this dish alone is enough for me. Small portion. Cost MYR 27.00
Deep fried soy sauce chicken, with thick soy sauce sticking to chicken pieces. This is my family's favourite dish, especially the men's. Small portion - Cost MYR 8.00.

Stir-fry asparagus with belacan (prawn paste).
Medium portion - Cost MYR 10.00. 2 plates white rice - MYR 2.40.
1 glass plain water, 1 glass Chinese Tea - MYR 0.90.
Total cost MYR 48.30 (approx. 13.13 USD)
(No service charge or government tax was charged)

The tables started to fill up by the dinner crowd.

They started with one shop lot, now they have 2 shop lots, side by side each other.

Address: Restoran Sin Hup Kee,
No. 17. Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh.
Tel: 05-242 3128

That God is on one side and all the people on the other side,
and Christ Jesus, Himself man, is between them to
bring them together, by giving His life for all mankind.
This is the message that at the proper time God gave to the world.
(1 Timothy 2:5-6, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. Hello Nancy,
    The food you show us always looks very yummy!
    Do you live in Malaysia, or are you there on holiday?
    Keep well, many thanks for your kind comments on my blog, really much appreciated :)

    1. Yes, I have been living in Malaysia for almost 60 years. You are most welcome and take care.

  2. This place looks very clean and cheerful. Happy weekend!

  3. stir-fry asparagus sounds good.

  4. The chicken....mmmmm. Very nice, Nancy. :)

  5. It seems to me your cuisine is delicious..

  6. I love to eat assam fish too as it is very appetising like you said. Many people do not like to eat asparagus because like petai, it caused a certain smell when one visit the bathroom after eating them.


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