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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Steamed Tilapia Fish & Stinky Beans For Dinner At Restoran Tong Lok, Off Jalan Jelapang, Ipoh

We came to know about this place through a name card. The name card was given to us by the cook of the eatery where we ate the Steamed Tilapia in Chemor. After we came back from Chemor, I noticed an outlet near our area was printed on the card. Few days later, when travelling on Jalan Jelapang, hubby purposely took a detour to check out this outlet. Later, he received some positive feedback about this restaurant and the food.

That was few months back in the old year, 2014. Now, we are in the new year, 2015. It seemed like a long time back and I have totally forgotten about this place. Last Sunday evening, hubby complained he was hungry and so we got into the car and he drove. Since he is the driver, usually he will decide where to go for dinner unless I have earlier suggested a place.

So on this Saturday evening, he was driving and we were chatting with each other in the car. Then I realized he took a left turning which took us away from town. When I asked where were we going, he just smiled and continued driving. In a short while, he gave the left signal and turned left and then, I knew where he wanted to go!

It was a corner shop, at the end of the row of shops. Tents of red and white stripes were put up in front of the shops. Inside, the patrons can join in the karaoke session. Outside they have movie on the raised up big white screen. We were quite early so the place was not crowded.
Instead of ordering the plain steamed Tilapia fish, we asked the waitress to recommend. She mentioned something like Chili Steamed Tilapia. When I heard the word "chili", my brain went "ting!".

All the garnishing came over this side, so this side was mine. Hubby doesn't like the garnishing, so the other side was his.
So we ended up ordering this tasty Chili Steamed Tilapia. It tasted like there were plenty of chopped ginger, chopped garlic, chopped preserved white radish (choy poh or chai por in Chinese) and of course some cut small green chili or chili padi. I would have preferred more chili padi, not spicy enough for my taste buds. Anyway, on the whole, the fish tasted good. The fish was a big one, we almost couldn't finish the fish. I was not one to waste food, so I tried to finish the fish as much as I could.

After a few spoonful of stinky beans taken from the plate, I suddenly remembered I haven't taken its picture yet. Lol! That's me, forgetful la....
This is hubby's favourite dish, which is stinky beans. Mine too but not as crazy. It was quite a big portion. This dish, no problem finishing.
Since we have ordered stinky beans which is an appetizing dish, we didn't ask for small portion rice. When the waitress brought the rice, our one portion rice was a big one. I enjoyed the meal, I finished the rest of the fish and I also finished my rice. And when I reached home, I can hardly keep my eyes open when I tried to finish some work with my computer.
Restoran Tong Lok, 49, Pusat Perdagangan Jelapang 1,
Pusat Perdagangan Jelapang, 30020 Ipoh.
Tel: 012-573 9825

If I say, "Surely the darkness will hide me
and the light become night around me,"
even the darkness will not be dark to you;
the night will shine like the day,
for darkness is as light to you.
(Psalm 139:11-12, New International Version-NIV)


  1. I love to eat petai and also steamed tilapia except for the fatty fish parts near the stomach which I find very geli but I will still eat by swallowing it because I don't like to leave food unfinished especially when it is fish.

    1. Mun, that's how I feel too, whenever I eat the fatty belly part, I will eat it with chili padi so as not to feel so geli.

  2. Lovely photos and scripture verse, Nancy. Your meal sounds wonderful.

  3. lovely skies. i don't like fish - especially with bones still in it. as a child i got a fish bone stuck in my tonsil and it took days to push through. i could eat the rice, though. :)

    1. Hi Tex, that's must have been a traumatic experience. I too have experienced it but after a while it was gone when I swallowed white rice.

  4. The dishes look good! Feeling full from a good meal is a good way to fall asleep.

    1. Hi Ginny, now have to remind myself not to order big portion rice.

  5. Hi Nancy,

    I'm going back to Singapore in a few weeks time... can't wait to eat these kind of food soon :D


    1. Hi Zoe, how often do you return to Singapore. Take every opportunity to savour all the yummy dishes that you have missed so much. Happy tasting.

  6. Yammy fish here. I love fish very much.

    1. Hi Kahkashan, thank you for visiting. Nice to know that we both love fish.


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